By   December 3, 2012

Whether you have celiac disease or are simply sensitive to gluten, Subway offers menu items for gluten-free dieters. Knowing which of these items to choose can . Which SUBWAY menu items are pork-free?

If so, then here is the Subway gluten free menu. Ever wanted a Gluten-free Subway Sandwich? Subway just rolled out a delicious, soft bread that is completely gluten-free!

Here is the complete Subway Gluten-Free menu.

Unfortunately only a few stores have experimented with gluten-free bread. I have Celiac, a gluten allergy, and need to know please. To see more from Subway on Facebook, or create an account.

We interrupt this not-so-regularly scheduled program to bring you this special report…Subway is testing gluten-free sandwiches in its . Gluten-Free Features: Gluten-Free Menu. Editor’s note: there have been significant changes to the Subway test market since this post in January of 2012.