By   February 16, 2017

To bear the weight of, especially from below; keep from falling, sinking, or slipping: Pillars support the roof. Serious illness can cause many different types of suffering. Dealing with serious illness can cause emotional and spiritual suffering and a palliative care team .

Culturally appropriate spiritual support assists care recipients to express their unique spirituality in an open and non-judgemental environment by helping them . Spiritual Care Staff Services are available at our Memorial Campus, Sierra Campus, East Campus and Providence Children’s Hospital. Offering Spiritual Support for Family or Friends. People who are very ill often ask spiritual questions, in seeking comfort, meaning and hope.

Spiritual needs can be an important part of a person’s journey at the end of life. Health and social care staff in all settings . By the end of this topic you should know: What is meant by spiritual support How to recognise spiritual distress Ways to express spirituality How to get spiritual . Spiritual care is a type of counselling that offers spiritual and emotional support. Spiritual support can help you find value, meaning, trust, . We offer our clients and their families’ additional emotional and spiritual support through Baptcare’s pastoral carers and chaplains.

The word “spiritual” can be used in many ways. We understand spiritual life as each person’s unique experience of a power beyond himself or . GBMC Spiritual support, prayer requests and chaplain information on any religion. Spiritual support is available through Pastoral Care at Cincinnati Children’s.

Expert support for emotional and spiritual peace. When you cope with a serious illness, a host of emotions can arise – anger, fear, depression, grief, guilt and . Life is a mysterious journey, inspired by the search for meaning and a peaceful mind and heart. When the journey includes a terminal illness, . For faith-based breast cancer patients, our pastoral care team provides a variety of spiritual support services to help patients and their families cope with cancer. Spiritual support for ovarian cancer patients.

With interfaith worship services, classes and counseling, CTCA offers spiritual support for people of every faith. Our spiritual support programs strive to serve the spiritual and religious needs of all patients, as well as their families and friends.