By   June 21, 2016

A renal diet is one that is low in sodium, phosphorous and protein. A renal diet also promotes the importance of consuming high-quality protein and usually limits . Learn about renal diet from the Cleveland Clinic, including basic information about kidney disease diet and your sodium, potassium and phosphorus intake.

Below is an example of food choices that are usually recommended on a typical renal diabetic diet. This list is based on sodium, potassium, phosphorus and . Some of the healthiest foods for people with kidney disease on a renal diet or kidney diet are fruits and vegetables low in sodium, potassium and phosphorus. Includes guidelines on the kinds of changes required and .

Read our article and learn more on MedlinePlus: Diet – chronic kidney disease. Renal disease – diet; Kidney disease – diet . From the Irish Kidney Association, a variety of pork, beef, chicken, lamb, fish, sala and bread recipes for people on a renal diet. Kidney failure patients require a specialty renal diet because as the function of the kidneys diminishes processing certain foods becomes more . How can I meet my protein needs when I dislike eating or don’t eat meat? How much alcohol (for example wine or beer) is safe for people with kidney disease? Why Do I Need to Follow a Renal Disease Diet?

If you have kidney disease, your kidneys are not filtering your blood as well as they should.