By   July 31, 2013

Search through our database for the foods you’ve eaten throughout the day. Powered by the USDA National Nutrient Database, the Food Calorie Calculator below allows you to choose from thousands of foods and brands, and see . Niet saai of smakeloos zoals de meeste diëten.

De 2-weken-box past perfect bij mijn ritme. Sporten, douchen, naar huis en smullen. Get the calories, fat, carbs, protein and more for over 30food and drinks. Then add them to your Daily Totals to see how your calories add .

Food Tracker Search and add food to view how your daily choices stack up to your food group targets and daily limits. Make tracking and planning ahead simple . Find out how many calories are in the foods you eat. CalorieKing provides nutritional food information for calorie counters and people trying to lose weight.

De Caloriechecker maakt tegenwoordig deel uit van Mijn Voedingscentrum. Benieuwd of je eetpatroon en gewicht gezond zijn? The Calorie you see on a food package is actually a kilocalorie, or 0calories.

A Calorie (kcal) is the amount of energy needed to raise the . Free online calorie counter – find out the calorie count of your favorite foods and more free stuff to help you lose weight and get fit!

Calculating nutrition information for more standard recipes is a great place to start. The calorie and nutrient content of single ingredients and individual foods .