By   May 23, 2013

Having too little copper (copper deficiency) is rare. It sometimes occurs in people who get too much zinc from diet or supplements, have intestinal bypass surgery . Find more articles and information on vitamins, minerals and supplements, like copper, from Dr.

Andrew Weil, your trusted health advisor. Copper supplements are used to prevent or treat copper deficiency. The body needs copper for normal growth and health.

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According to the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, people with . Supplementation of copper tends to be in the 1mg dosage, but at this moment in time there seems to be no major supplemental purpose of copper in any form. People who take high amounts of zinc, iron, or vitamin C may need more copper, but you should ask your health care provider before taking copper supplements . Although side effects from low doses of supplemental copper are uncommon, copper can cause serious health complications when it . So today you’ll learn about the important bone health and overall health benefits of zinc and copper, both of which are Foundation Supplements, and how to . Regularly taking copper supplements could lead to excess levels of the mineral that may impact health, said a US researcher last week, calling . More research is needed on the effects of marginal copper deficiency and on the potential benefits of copper supplementation for prevention .