By   August 2, 2011

One advantage of this avocado mayo is that it has less of a chance of separating than egg and oil based mayo and it can be easily re-mixed if it . This is a wonderful alternitive to real mayonnaise. I have been put on a strict diet and this saves the day!

Makes a great salad dressing(I add a little honey), . This avocado oil mayonnaise is made with goo wholesome fats, and comes together in about five minutes. Plus learn the trick to make perfect mayo every time. Made with Avocado Oil; Organic Cage-Free Eggs; Primal Approved Certified Paleo; Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Organic . This Healthy Avocado Mayo recipe from Gluten Free Gigi is a great substitute for traditional, store-bought mayo, which usually contains . California Avocado Mayo is a fresh, low-fat and low-sodium nutritious substitute for regular mayonnaise with 2. Like mayo could ever get better…but it can!

This simple spread is great for sandwiches from a BLT to a chicken . Avocados are, in my opinion, one of the most perfect foods ever. And I have been making this mayo alternative with them for years, I am pretty . Creamy avocado becomes an amazing burger or sandwich spread when mixed with a touch of mayo in this healthy condiment recipe. We’ve gathered of the best recipes that use avocado instead of mayo to start you off with a little avo inspo.