By   May 7, 2014

Wahoo Fitness harnesses the awesome power of your iPhone or Android smartphone to transform the way you ride, run, and reach your training and fitness . Op voorraadNew KICKR Power Trainer Overview. Wahoo KICKR for accurate power measurement, controlled resistance,.

Track spee distance, power and cadence with your favorite cycle app or device. Wahoo Fitness Announces GymConnect: Treadmill integration control. Kinetic inRide Bluetooth Smart Power Meter Accessory In-Depth Review.

Simply pair the power meter and electronic trainer, make sure PowerMatch is set to Auto, and.

I have a Power2Max Type S power meter and a Wahoo Kickr. The Wahoo Kickr has a built-in power meter that allows you to not only accurately measure your efforts, but also control them. The Stages Power meter is compatible with an ever growing list of fitness apps that support power data. Which setup would you prefer: a Wahoo Kickr for home training but no onboard power meter on the bike, or a dumb trainer like a Kurt Kinetic . Second option, get a cheaper turbo with more resistance settings and a Stages power meter. Will probably save £250ish on this set up.

The feature uses the power data from an ANT+ power meter to tune the KICKR’s. Step is configuring your KICKR in the Wahooligan app.