By   August 11, 2011

As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C helps lessen oxidative stress to the body and is thought to lower cancer risk. High vitamin C foods include bell peppers, dark . Make cold and flu season more bearable by eating foods rich in vitamin C.

These foods contain even more vitamin C than oranges. Get your daily vitamin C intake by consuming these foods. Learn all the benefits of this nutrient and why is essential for you.

Vitamin C is a vital component of healthy skin and a strong immune system.

It can also reduce the risk of stroke. Get it in these Top Vitamin C Foods! These nine fruits and vegetables that have more vitamin C than oranges.

Vitamin C may be the most familiar of all of the nutrients. Although most adults would be hard pressed to name a good food source of biotin or . Vitamin C is an antioxidant and an essential aspect of a healthy and working body. It helps ensure the health and maintenance of your tendons, bones, and skin, . Knowing what foods are rich in vitamin C can help you vary your diet, so you don’t have to feel obligated to chow down on oranges more often . Fruits Vegetables that are High in Vitamin CFruits and vegetables that contain mg or more.

Diet Exercise: The Role of Fruits Vegetables.