By   September 27, 2012

Can’t stop dreaming of chocolate, ice cream and other sweet treats? Here’s how one woman fought her sugar addiction — and won. A trendy sugar detox diet promises to end your craving for sweets and help you lose weight.

Here’s the truth about sugar cravings and how to . Studies suggest sugar is eight times more addictive than class A drugs. Take our quiz to find out if you’re addicted to the sweet stuff; warning . Step by step, walk your way out of a sugar addiction.

Use the power of self compassion, listening, and connection to unwind what drives your sugar cravings. Can you really break free from the chains of sugar addiction? The answer may be yes, and it doesn’t necessarily include admitting yourself to a . Ontdek hoe het gesteld is met jouw suikerverslaving door middel van de Sugar Addiction Test. Je kunt de test hier GRATIS downloaden!

Sugar cravings are fine in moderation, but take these steps to keep them in check. Learn about sugar addiction – how it happens, how it’s bound to affect you in numerous ways, and how you can curb this sickness sweeping the nation. Is sugar addiction sabotaging your health?

Kick your sugar cravings to the curb with easy secrets.

Self-confessed sugar fiend Lena Buckingham reveals how she broke her addiction to sugar.