By   January 14, 2011

A blend of pepperoni and salami, topped with cheese – try it with banana peppers, or your choice of crisp veggies and condiments served hot on freshly baked . What could be better than Genoa salami, spicy pepperoni, and Black Forest Ham? Discover the ingredients and nutritional information for the popular Italian .

Geserveerd op ovenvers brood en rijk gevuld met pittige pepperoni en salami. De Spicy Italian kan nog pittiger gemaakt worden met onze hete jalapeñopepers. Instead of going out make it at home.

Choose the veggies of your choice, but this is how I like it.

Calories and other nutrition information for Footlong Spicy Italian from Subway. Calories and other nutrition information for Spicy Italian on Flatbread from Subway. Er zijn 4calorieën in een portie Subway Spicy Italian. The Spicy Italian is back with its savoury mix of pepperoni and salami. Grab it today as a $Fresh Value Combo.

Or try the other four $Fresh Value.