By   May 5, 2016

Make one of these peanut flour recipes (pb2) for a delicious, peanuty treat that’s high in protein and healthy! Protein Plus roasted peanut flour provides a healthful, lower-fat and gluten-free boost to a variety of foods. It is a great thickener for soups, a flavorful and .

Peanut flour is made from crushe fully or partly defatted peanuts. Peanut flour, depending on the quantity of fat remove is highly protein-dense, providing up . Gluten-free bakers, low carb cooks, and fitness bloggers are all atwitter about peanut flour. While nuts are part of the Trim Healthy Mama plan, all those dense calories can be easily eaten in .

Peanut flour is made from the highest quality peanuts that have been roasted and naturally processed to obtain a lower fat peanut flour with a strong roasted . Golden’s partially defatted peanut flours are made from U. Made from 1 lightly roasted Grade A peanuts, THRIVE Peanut Flour is a healthy alternative to peanut butter. Add sugar, salt, and oil for peanut butter just the .