By   June 28, 2011

The squat is one of the best exercises for building strength and muscle mass. Can the Manta Ray make it more comfortable and even more effective? Now while it does make the squat more comfortable on the neck.

There are some disadvantages as well. I didn’t assume I could just slap on the Manta Ray and carry on with my regular squat routine without going through a few changes in both weight and technique. The Mantaray Squat device will make squatting with a barbell or smith machine more comfortable.

I usually high bar squat and I’m comfortable with the weight on my traps but I recently found a manta ray that distributes the weight more.

America Dave Draper and bodybuilding photographer Chris Lund. This October has been leg priority month on IronOnline. I have some Manta Rays and a few bar pads for squatting in our HS weightroom that I coach at. I put them on the bar just to see how it feels and . The manufacturer of the MantaRay Squat Device has confirmed the items being sold on e-bay by somone called .

Deep squatting is highly recommended by many top coaches, especially strength coach Charles Poliquin who recommends Squat down and don? Achieve the ultimate high bar squat with the innovative Manta Ray! The Body Solid Manta Ray is the ultimate load distribution device and the . The Manta Ray squat support is perhaps the best value vertical jump training aid you can buy. The Manta Ray was developed to improve or eliminate problems we had with the squat exercise.

We started by listing the things we thought were the negative . The Manta Ray squat aid has long been one of those products which I (GP) just can’t help but think Damn, I wish I came up with that! Squatting is considered the king of all exercises by some pros. And the Manta Ray will let you squat with comfort ease! Features: -Manta Ray is the most significant advancement in free weight training in years. The semi-rigid design snaps onto any bar and . Squat Ray Pad Shoulder Weightlifting Stabilizer Orange.

Be cozier while you turn out squats: get the Manta-Ray Squat Pad to get comfort and ease while lifting.