By   January 28, 2016

Lumen: The lumen of the artery is the hole in the middle that the blood flows through. The artery wall: The artery wall is made up of three layers: . Met wetenschappelijke precisie en een flinke dosis humor haalt Malcolm Kendrick de cholesterolhype onderuit: – verzadigde vetten verhogen het cholesterol . Malcolm Kendrick is a Scottish doctor and author of The Great Cholesterol Con (2008) and Doctoring Data (2014). He graduated from the University of Aberdeen . I don’t think this PS will endear Dr Kendrick to dietitians: Dr Malcolm.

I am so glad to see Dr Malcolm Kendrick join us at dietdoctor.

As a Scotsman of a certain age, I have always found heart disease fascinating. This is possibly because of the fact that, in my youth, . Buy The Great Cholesterol Con by Dr Malcolm Kendrick (ISBN: 9781844546107) from Amazon’s Book Store. I started writing this blog yesterday, following the latest guidelines on cardiovascular disease prevention launched in . Malcolm Kendrick: The claims made for statins are overblown.

They are not a cure for most of the major diseases afflicting western civilisation.