By   January 24, 2013

Yoga mats and props—your (sweat) partners in crime. Stretch, ben and twist with our grab n’ go accessories. We’ve got you covered with free shipping + .

I bought my mat in 20and I didn’t have to replace it until recently. My point is, the thing lasted a long time. Our yoga mats keep your asanas in place with grip textures and our yoga towels are perfect for hot yoga.

Complimentary shipping to Canada and the US.

I was excited to purchase this mat as I heard great things about the lululemon yoga mat. I am so bummed because I really dislike this mat. I have been using the full size mat from Lululemon for hot yoga. It is great, but very cumbersome to commute with. I purchased the unmat a couple of weeks ago.

Lugging a heavy mat to and from class can crush our calm. We designed this lightweight, reversible version of The Mat with a thinner piece of .

I wish I had read the reviews before buying this mat. I was in the store, it was on sale, and it seemed like a great idea for someone who practices hot yoga.