By   February 24, 2015

Although most people take vitamin D supplements without any problems, it’s possible to take too much. Vitamin D is one of the most powerful physical actions you can take to improve your health. Do you know the optimal dosing for yourself and .

The amount of vitamin D you need depends on several factors. This article explains exactly how much vitamin D you should be taking. We all know vitamin D is a necessary vitamin that we all need. Here we answer the question about how much .

Get to common questions about vitamin D. What you need to know about vitamin including how much you nee food sources of vitamin vitamin D blood tests, and vitamin D deficiency. Too much vitamin D can cause headaches and inflammation in the body. The US Government’s upper intake level (UL) for vitamin D is set at 0IU per day.

However, SACN couldn’t make any recommendations about how much sunlight people would need to get enough vitamin D because there are . For cancer prevention, 400-1IU of vitamin D has been taken by mouth daily, sometimes with 400-5milligrams of calcium, for 4-years.