By   March 4, 2016

This page has a simple but accurate calorie calculator, which shows exactly how many calories you should eat to lose or maintain weight. This calculator will determine how many calories you should eat on a daily basis if you are trying to lose weight. Learn how many calories to lose weight safely, .

Free calorie calculator to estimate the calories you will need per day with simple guideline for your gain or lose weight plan. The best way to lose weight is through proper diet and exercise. But how many calories do we need to be healthy?

The most basic way to lose weight is to slash calories.

But how many do you really have to cut or burn to see ? Use our calorie calculator to calculate how many calories you need to eat and burn per day if you want to lose weight. We explain the process step by step and . Use the panel above to download the NHS weight loss guide, our popular, free. Calories, those little units of energy you consume, are arguably the most talked-about part of healthy eating and weight loss. If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, increased your exercise or made any. Simply use the Diet Assessment Calorie Calculator tool to help you find the . How do you know if you’re eating enough to lose weight the right way?

Learn how many calories you should consume.