By   April 14, 2011

Below is a list of vegetables ranked by their protein to calorie ratio. For more vegetarian sources of protein see the articles on high protein foods, beans and . Slabs of meat don’t have to be the only protein-rich items on your dinner plate.

Check out which vegetables provide the protein boost you’re . We asked a nutritionist for a list of veggies with a high protein content that helps keep you full. Although animal foods are usually highest in protein, some plants also contain decent amounts. Here are healthy vegetables that contain a fair amount of .

Peas can be enjoyed fresh or frozen and have some of the highest protein available of any vegetable. So, next time you are looking for a little . You probably know that animal products—meat, eggs and dairy—are good sources of protein; unfortunately, they can also be high in saturated fat and . You may think you have to get your protein from meat, nuts, or eggs. These veggies will prove your protein theories wrong!

It is a common misconception that most people need to eat meat to consume enough protein. Nearly all foods except for highly refined products . Though the word protein usually conjures up images of meat, fruits and. A list of vegetarian protein foods, complete with protein contents and amino acid.