By   September 20, 2010

If you’re watching your waistline, here are the best low-carbohydrate foods to help. The foods represented on this list are the very best options. They are low in carbs and high in protein, which makes them some of the best out there.

So many protein-rich foods also low in carbs, it’s easy to incorporate this essential nutrient into your Atkins weight loss plan. This is a list of healthy low-carb foods. They tend to be low in carbs, but high in fat, fiber, protein and various micronutrients. The diet is basically a low-carb, high-protein eating plan with a lot of scientific explanations about insulin and glucagons, the major hormones .

List of High-Protein, Low-Carb, Low-Fat Snacks. A small salad like this can easily be a snack, not just a meal. Eating plenty of high-protein, low-carbohydrate foods is a good step toward having a healthier diet and improving your fitness and well-being.

However, there is a huge amount of variation in the amounts of protein, carbs and other foods included from diet to diet, with some recommending high protein . Consumer Reports shows why a high-protein low-carb diet might not be your. Far from increasing energy, that eating style might leave you .