By   December 2, 2013

Desondanks zijn er toch sommige natuurkundigen en technici die anti-zwaartekracht in een of andere vorm voor mogelijk houden. It does not refer to the lack of weight . Anti Gravity Engine – Revolution-Green,rh:revolution-green. More Anti-Gravity Patents,rh:bibliotecapleyades.

Een andere afbeelding meldenMeld de aanstootgevende afbeelding. Antigravity is the Holy Grail of science discoveries. Learn about antigravity research and the possible uses of antigravity technology.

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But Tesla didn’t stop there, he was into the incredible secrets of flight and anti-gravity which led him to register a patent in 192 number . A small group of engineers and technicians, built a flying disk, powered by rotating electromagnets in. Innovative, high performance gear that reflects a love of adventure and devotion to the outdoors. High quality packs for any adventure and season.