By   October 14, 2011

The app also offers Android Wear sleep tracking functionality, as well as synchronization with your Fit account, and though the . The Play Store’s selection of Android Wear-compatible apps is growing. This excellent sleep tracking app also supports Android Wear . Slimme wekker met slaapcyclus analyse. Wekt u vriendelijk op een optimaal moment voor prettige ochtenden. Functionaliteiten: – Slaapcyclus analyse met slim . With thousands of Android Wear apps available and Android Wear 2.

Spring naar Heart rate monitoring – Apart from some Wear devices Sleep as Android supports gathering of heart rate data from Bluetooth Smart device . But I was hoping to find sleep tracking for it (like fitbit). Sleep tracking is automatically activated so all you need to do is wear the. You can monitor your sleeping patterns on the watch itself or through the Android or . Tracking your sleep with an Android Wear watch and Sleep as Android. Get the answer to What are the best Android sleep tracking apps?

This app is compatible with Pebble, Android Wear technology, and Tizen. This collection of sleep trackers, sleep therapy apps and lucid dreaming tools promise to help you get a restful night’s sleep and ready for the .